All railings will have:


Top Rail

Upper base

Baluster (rebar inside)

Lower base


Measurements and information

The straight railing consists of a lower base, baluster, upper base, and top rail.

The lower base, upper base, and top rail are 36’’ long x 9 ¾’’ wide.

Finished height is 38’’ tall.


Straight sections                           Curved Sections                       Corner Sections



$25 Lower base each                   $25 Lower base each             $25 Lower base each

$25 Upper base each                   $25 Upper base each            $25 Upper base each

$25 Top rail each                         $25 Top rail each                   $25 Top rail each 

$25 Baluster each                        $25 Baluster each                 $25 Baluster each


$75 per linear foot for lower base, baluster, upper base, and top rail.



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